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Selling on eBay vs Poshmark: An Honest Review

From someone who has sold on both

I have been selling on eBay for about the last 15 years in some form. I recently decided to start selling on Poshmark to see what it was all about. While eBay works for me, there are several things about it that I don’t like;

  • Fees can be up to 40% of selling price
  • Shipping has it’s own fees
  • Listing items that are not alike is time consuming (and boring)
  • Buyers who don’t pay are not penalized
  • eBay nearly always sides with the buyer (and you are out of luck)

If you follow anyone on youtube that are side hustlers, I am sure you have come across people who sell ridiculous amounts on Poshmark and tell you how easy it is (or make it look so easy).

Here is my comparison of both eBay and Posh:


  • Either free shipping or charge buyer for shipping
  • List & Done (unless questions)
  • Can send offers to buyers in bulk
  • Need more info in listing so is more time consuming
  • Fees are more complicated
  • Listing caps per month (how many items you can list)


  • Buyer is only charged for shipping. Flat rate of over $7 unless you decide to eat some of that cost
  • More engagement
  • Can send offers individually
  • Quicker to list
  • Fees are 20% total
  • No limit to the amount of listings per month

What is the same:

  • $$$ for clothing or other items
  • Can send offers to buyers
  • No advertising costs

There are benefits and drawbacks to each platform as the list above describes. I have listed on both and to be honest I prefer eBay due to the list & done aspect. I try to list as many details as possible in the description so that I get fewer questions 😉

How about you? Which do you like better? Did I miss anything?

Take care and have a wonderful day!

Love XOXO,


2 comments on “Selling on eBay vs Poshmark: An Honest Review

  1. Thomas Hayden

    Hello Nikki,
    It’s a little confusing which characteristics apply to eBay or posh.

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