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Hey guys!

This initial video is my story. My name is Nikki I am 38 years old. I have been a reseller for about 15 years on and off, full-time and part-time.

I’ve sold on multiple platforms eBay, Poshmark I’ve looked into Marcai (I think it’s called), Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist so I have this rounded view of selling. My purpose for this video is to kind of get information out there. I wanted to create something of value for people. Something that would help them so that’s why I’ve started this.

So, about me, I have done a little bit of everything. I started out I working at McDonald’s. I was a manager at McDonald’s. I joined the military and was stationed in Germany for three years. I went to college. I’ve worked in a factory. I have worked in the corporate world. I owned my own upholstery shop. I really have like 180 degrees and everything wasn’t like a straight point in any part of my life.

My ideas and my thoughts are like just kind of all over the place and I also have like really varied interests. I wanted to create something that would bring value to other people who maybe are in the same boat.

The thrifting has been a real constant in my life ever since I was a kid. I really loved finding treasures and selling them. Going somewhere and looking at something and thinking OMG I know I can make money off that! You pay a dollar or two for you sell it for $25 or $30. The thrill of the hunt I loved. I wanted to create something that was helpful.

*sidenote* You would be very amazed at the self-consciousness you feel about talking to yourself! This is why it’s my first video. Hopefully, it gets easier after this!

Love XOXO,


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