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Selling on eBay: #1 App I Use for Finding Profitable Items

Easy and Efficient

People always ask me how I know what to look for in regards to flipping. The truth is that many times I look it up before I buy it. I definitely don’t want to buy something that I can’t make a profit on and I am sure you are in the same boat. If you are, keep reading. I got you covered:)

While there are times that I buy items thinking they will be worth money (mostly this is if it is $1 or under) most of the time I look up the brand name and description before I buy it if I do not have an idea of what I can sell it for.

Completely Pro

The app that I use is called Completely. It does cost $4.99 to purchase but it is sooooo helpful. You can find it only on iphone. (I am not receiving any money to promote this app. I am sharing because it is so useful to me and I feel that it can help you as well:))

Android users can still use the information below to search through the free eBay app or I am sure there are some good apps on Google Play as well. I would look at the ratings to find one that would work like Completely. Here is a link to search for similar apps on Google Play. I am sorry I am not more help on that:(

An example scenario; I am at a thrift store and I find a pair of really cute American Eagle jeans. I would look to see what the style is because many times it will say the style on the inside band or tag. I realize I do not know what I can sell the pants for.

Here is where I can pull out my handy dandy app and easily punch in the brand name, mens/womens/boys/girls, and the style. Then I hit search.

It brings up a list of AE jeans that meet the search criteria that you entered. If the price is in green, it means that it sold. You can scroll down to see all listings within the past 90 days. This will give you an idea of what you can sell these pants for.

If there are not many green prices, you know that you don’t want to buy these pants because the chance of you selling them are more slim. Or maybe you want to take the chance. You do you:)

This is what I mainly use the app for. There is also other tabs that you can see other stats that relate to the item you searched but I don’t really use those. Like Sold vs Unsold, and Top Keywords for your item. I know they are there if I need them but I don’t typically use them.

Using the Free eBay App to Search

You can also search the old fashioned way through the eBay app by searching for the item the same way as above (by entering brand name, mens/womens/boys/girls, and the style). Then going to “filter” in the heading, click show more, then hit the toggle on completed listings.

  1. Enter brand name, mens/womens/boys/girls, and the style.

2. Then going to “filter” in the heading, click show more, then hit the toggle on completed listings.

3. Show completed listings.

This is on my iphone. I am sure it is very similar on android. This way is completely free and works well too. I feel there is more steps and that makes it more time consuming for me when I am looking up quite a few items on one trip.

I hope this information will be useful! I will probably post the steps again for finding completed listings using the eBay app because I think that may be easier for readers to search for.

Hope your day is wonderful and awesome!

Love XOXO,


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